We are dedicated to impact our local community, that’s why we have different outreaches that touch the different areas of our community, get involved to impact and change.


Food Pantry

Every person can fall on hard times, or perhaps is in a momentary crisis. Part of the call of the church is to meet spiritual needs, as well as come along side and meet physical needs. We have recently opened and are working to serve our community with a food pantry. So, if you are in a crisis please reach out so we can assist you, or if you are overflowing with non-perishables and want to give back we would be happy to partner with you!


Denise Harris: 918-706-4541

When: 9 am-12 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Helping Hands

So often people have issues at home that they do not have the technical skill set to solve, or have the resources to pay a highly skilled expert to fix. This is where we come in. We have individuals with a passion for people and a gift for fixing all sorts of issues. If you are in needs of something being fixed in your home causing you distress, we can do what we can to take care of it at no cost. Please contact us and we can see if we have someone with the skills needed for your specific issue.


Allan Foster: 918-809-4592