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Get involved in the area that suits you the most. Please fill out the form below, so that we can get in touch with you and connect you to what you’re looking for. Also below the form, you can see the area descriptions that you can get involved with.


First impressions are lasting impressions. Introducing Christ with every handshake, and smile and escorting people into the best experience possibly. 


Working with the next generation to get the seed of the gospel into young hearts and minds. 


Using your talents of singing and playing to usher in the presence of God

Hospitality/coffee room

Every person wants to feel welcomed. Nothing says good morning like serving up a hot cup of coffee and a glazed donut.

Small group leaders

Small groups are where we take the heart of the church and personalize it to each individual

Local outreach

Meeting physical needs is just as important as meeting spiritual needs. If you have a heart for reaching others in a tangible way, this ministry is for you.

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